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Why a Stucco Inspection?

Weather (EIFS) Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (AKA Synthetic Stucco) or Traditional Cement Stucco (AKA Hardcoat)

All stucco systems are subject to moisture related issues and recommend moisture testing!


With so much misconception about stucco systems today, and some true horror stories, it is through knowledge and training that a properly installed and maintained stucco system can and will perform to the highest expectations of the home or business owner.

A quality stucco inspection should help insure that your new or exsiting home will give you the lasting beauty and value you have come to expect in all homes.

Not just for a new purchased home. But the home you have live in for some years. We highly recommend a maintenance inspection for peace of mind that no moisture damage is destroying your walls from within.

Trained and certified by EDI (Exterior Design Institute) as Moisture Analyst, Third Party Inspector

Also trained and certified by MWC (Moisture Warranty Corporation)

As Moisture Analyst/Inspector.

We will help to identify issues or potential problems with the aid of our high tech equipment and trained inspector to determine such discrepancies as a suggested guide to corrective actions may be taken.

  • Will report on over two dozen specific details that are known to be causes of stucco system failure.
  • Will preform moisture scans with our state of the art equipment.
  • Will probe various area's of suspected known problems.  
  • Will provide host of pages with helpful information concerning proper repairs and maintenance. 
  • And wrap it all up in a easy to read comprehensible report. By using ReportMakerPro software.  

    Equipment Second  To None                                       

 Tramex Wet Wall Detector that reads moisture in (EIFS Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) AKA synthetic stucco 

Delmhorst Moisture Probe B2100.Detects moisture in substrate and framing.

 If  remediation of a stucco system is recommended do not be alarmed with todays knowledge of proper repair procedures  you can rest assured with a certified stucco repair contractor.  Your home will provide you with many years of service you've come to expect as to any others cladding systems.